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We partner with startups for mutual growth

What is Innovation Boiler?


The Innovation Boiler Partnership program is aimed towards entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. The partnership program seeks disruptive and forefront solutions in technologies like IoT, Blockchain and smart climate space technologies and other verticals.

Through the Viessmann Innovation Boiler Partnership program, startups will closely collaborate with the Viessmann Group to incorporate their products and services within the Viessmann value chain as an official long-term partner.

We want YOU to be our long-term business partner!

Partnering with Viessmann gives access to:


A vast network of VCs and Universities
An Innovative business & engineering team
An opportunity to develop new use cases
An extensive international presence

Why partner with Viessmann

Unique concept + Corporate synergy = Disruptive Advancements
Innovation is the key.
Unique concept: Your startup

In Viessmann, we consider innovation to be the core growth driver of our business. We seek startups because we believe that innovation requires diverse viewpoints.

We will value your unique concept the way you do and take zero equity.

Scale up.
Corporate synergy: Viessmann Group

We provide a wide matrix of global networks that will take your business to the next level. Our corporate expertise ranges from world-class engineering teams to omni channel marketing and distribution chains.

We will provide you with a vast network of established partners and industry-leading experts who will boost your growth.

Your success
On your way to the top!


A brand built on lasting relationships


Viessmann is a family company that values trust and relationships.

As your official partner, our commitment to you goes beyond the implementation stage.

We have long-term partnerships with several successful startups.

  • Viessmann connected us to the right decision makers at Germany's hidden champions, among others Miele, or Goldbeck. Thanks to these connections, we were able to gain new customers and create powerful partnerships.
    Leopold Neuerburg, Building Radar

    Building Radar is search engine for construction project sales leads globally.

  • Our collaboration with Viessmann was very cooperatively in all projects. We always strived for common goals, received great feedback and constructive support since the first day. That helped a lot to sharpen our products and services.
    Dr. Maximilian Kissel, Soley

    Soley transforms company data into visible optimization potential.

  • Thanks to the cooperation with Viessmann, we were able to demonstrate the added value of our innovative Process Mining solution for medium-sized companies and to further expand our reputation in the industry.
    Bastian Nominacher, Celonis

    Celonis Process Mining is an intelligent big data technology that analyzes and visualizes every process in your company.

  • With Viessmann we adapted for the very first time our core use case to the German Mittelstand that we will use to further spur innovation for our customers.
    Amelie Schlachter, Cobrainer

    Cobrainer is a Munich-based data analytics and machine learning startup specializing in the analysis and visualization of human expertise for enterprise application in strategic workforce management and innovation management.

  • Working closely with different teams at Viessmann, we were able to iterate and build our product very quickly.
    Aron Jost, Ideafox

    Ideafox is an innovation platform for teams and organizations to generate, evaluate and realize ideas together.

  • The insights we gained at Viessmann helped us to further finetune our product.
    Sebastian Dust, SlidePresenter

    SlidePresenter: Using the unique SaaS application you can create attractive video based knowledge content in a breeze. Everyone in the company can create and retrieve knowledge – on demand and according to their own pace.

Our internal network

Innovation Management Team

We are a team of progressive innovators, engineers, strategists, operators, and trend-seekers.


From collaborating with several VCs, startups and prestigious universities to attending international technology showcase events, our innovation management team go above and beyond to find the latest trends and most contemporary solutions.

Meet our experts

Integrated Energy
Digital Sales
Marketing Ops

Pre & Post-Application Timeline


Each Innovation Boiler Partnership is a highly customized collaboration between the venture and Viessmann. This high-degree of specialization allows for uninterrupted support and results in mutually beneficial expansion.

The Innovation Boiler Partnership program is accepting applications any time of the year! NO DEADLINES!

Are you ready to spar with Viessmann’s industry-leading experts and associate with our vast network of partners to grow your venture globally? If so, contact us.



  1. Confirm that:
    • You are a startup with a functioning solution
    • You want to demonstrate value by integrating your solution within the Viessmann value chain
    • Your technology has potential to disrupt an industry
  2. Contact us. Be as detailed as possible!
  3. We will review your concept and get in touch within 14 business days.